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 3. Principle

It is presupposed that in a closed system the homogeneous core with it the surrounded covering is in equilibrium. In this case wrapping-amounts - a uniform amount with a locating sheet - whose position the characteristics of every point result from are described. First of all a disk-like cut is to be operated through the center of the ball-like system. Only the cut page is considered.

Illustration 2

Into the available intervals further wrapping-amounts are set to, the interval holding and joining one circular sheet or also an ether form.


Illustration 3

Still another symmetrical cut is led by the center and only the one cut side is regarded.


Illustration 4

The remaining cut side is shown now in its accepted height, which presents itself as follows.

Illustration 5

The representation representative, applied to larger courses, results in this expression

Illustration 6

On the basis of the central core the way up to the outside covering is wandered through. Crossing is made by means of language.

For the wrapping-amounts (small circles) let themselves about to use spoken sounds - vowels - and sounds for the crossed sheets (large circles) shortly spoken - consonants.

Thus the following expression results


Here also arbitrary other vowels and consonant can be used, as for example




The described apply however best

This principle is not only symbolic, but likewise an applicable formulation, although no valid formula. 

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