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For my father

1. Assumption

The world is formed from an only principle that determines the life, the matter and energy, everything Visible and invisible, simultaneously the smallest thing and the largest thing represents and a part as well as the whole are.

2. Introduction

The answer is a word. A word that the principle as it were as a formula expresses, which reflects reality exactly the same as a dream and which is simple truth.

The thoughts and the language are a copy and constituent of this world, as the observations which they are supposed to express.

The material and visible forms are very similar, one meet them daily. At inaccurate considering one can recognize the being repeated structures.

Not possibly the smallest and largest components of this world are to be seized directly, even if the means constantly improve in addition. But if one presupposes that the search everywhere is, can the means to the viewer be reduced.

The search in the life as a part of the subject is equivalent a way to in far galaxies or small particles. Because inventions have these also always to the result.

The world is shaped of a dualism, which connects heights and depths in wavelike motion. There is the incompatibleness, which forbids any unison. And nevertheless is it there. Apparently and complicates themselves everything materialize, in the human development as also in the own life. Only the complexity and Materialises are seen, since this is more obvious. But the opposite take place at the same time, the mental development and the urge for generalization.

The following executions show another and for everyone intelligible viewpoint of this world, for a belief, a society and maybe a science 

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