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5. Conclusion


Nothing is faster than the light. Exactly this nothing is the described free energy, which forms the declining straight-line strength and which equilibrium manufactures. Two central movements determine this world. Materializing and energizing. They are both necessary for the production of the mundane and intellectual equilibrium.

The difference between the energy and subject is that the bound energy is missing to the free energy, which brakes it. From therefore it free energy is timeless fast.

Illustration 13

The life develops not with a large bang, but only the decay. It does not have a Big Bang so far it the emergence of the universe concerns surely given. Also gravitation can be explained only with gravitation with a curved space, but not the actual cause, the regulation in defined courses. Baby or other parallel university verses exists then only if these likewise are in an equilibrium, with a common center.


The strong and weak forces of physics point the different ways out of the merged energy in open systems.

Space looks in all directions equal, since subject or merged energy remains forced always in courses. Dh. a wave corresponds to an unreeling circular course, in which no particles, also not the light, can deviate. These form an ether, which fills the area. With sufficient effort we can succeed to discover (see Illustration 12).


The difference between the living person and the live less subject consists of the fact that living subject always forms an open system. This system is characterized with more highly developed organisms of a symmetry axis, which divides it.


Illustration 14

We all will die each particular and sometime also mankind. The aging process is in reality only deviating from the own symmetry axis due to the Materialism.

There the question about the sense of the human existence arises naturally. The answer is, we and all different lives and experiences our own pre-determined dream. The dream is the drive and the before it and thereafter. Here are the time and the distance in one point together.

The world is absolutely deterministically, just as the thoughts, in the long run however just as coined/shaped by the coincidence, because nothing within the closed system can predetermine the future. Our brain is only one calculating machine. If the correct questions are placed to this machine, them give sometime also the appropriate answers.

There are infinitely many examples of the described principle. Regards one a human body, of it the head, a hand or a plant, the structure in principle is always alike.

Illustration 15

One can call this free energy black hole, also God or I. That can decide everyone for itself. We believe internally all in a generally valid justice or also equilibrium, otherwise a society or the joint life would not be possible. The privileges of the supremacy are diminished by increasing distribution of the knowledge of the particular.

Subject develops for nothing (free energy) from that and disappears therein again. Which is the dream, which corresponds to this energy, remains? Also in the present the dreams note, how events of different temporal and spatial distances merge.

The question, which can be possibly never answered, is the trip of the formation of subject. Either a minimum imbalance or it prevails gave an impulse from the outside in the closed system. Over second one should not have to place rather to think without itself infinitely new questions. Everyone can select itself in which it believes, to a God, itself or at nothing at all. Everything is correct. Contents are the same, only the relative self-determination are another.

It is clear to me that everyone which read that can not believe in that. It is only unfortunately through test demonstrable. The effects are comprehensive.

However, everyone the believes, the principle is correct, should transmit it

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