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4. Effect-wise

One understands oneself two equal static quantities as cuts by spherical bodies. These form without doubt equilibrium.


Illustration 7

As soon as an amount is brought, however, into rotation, as a coherent behaviour, this equilibrium is disconnected. The rotating amount repels the other one. In order to keep on staying in the equilibrium within a closed system, a supporting, locating sheet, fells on the fringe of the rotating amount from. This arises through the velocity drop, which means, also from the interval to the center and materializes starts.

Illustration 8

The development is however still one-sided and it settles more materials. With the increasing internal pressure of the edge and from the necessity to manufacture, a fragmentation of the edge begins equilibrium with a new quantity.

Illustration 9

This new quantity forms the merged energy and represents together with the limiting courses the subject. The substantial characteristic of this energy is to be variable and give free energy to the place of origin back. At the same time it shifts the central output quantity in rotation.


Illustration 10

The cycle is manufactured.

On the basis of the described global system, the central courses energy and the material world represent the gap with the coating courses.


Illustration 11

Undulations result from the unreeling courses of the merged energy. No point can leave this way, it is it is in the center of this energy covering and is converted by contraction into free energy.


Illustration 12

As proof for this principle the principle or the life is to be considered in an everyday expression, which is developed similar to the shown principle and reads as follows in German.



This expression finds very well the described principle in the German language. Since it is a question of a formula here but rather, this must be valid everywhere.

While reciting internal, how a repeating oneself prayer, the own body achieves itself at his symmetry axis, materialized and attempted to form a closed system. 

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